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This post is dedicated to all the over-sharers out there … you know who you are.

OK, so I am going on a date tomorrow night.  It is a first date.  With a really nice guy.  Well, it is a couple of get to know you drinks, and hopefully some food (as we all know how dumb it is to drink on an empty stomach right … ) I think that counts as a date?  It has been a while since I have been on a date, which really is no bad thing.

So it’s no big thing, really is no big deal.  I mean it is not a little deal, as I would not want to portray to him that I am not kind of stoked that I am going on a date with him, but so far I am doing really well to play it cool (well my version of it).  Does blurting out that you love Llamas in a text message count as playing it cool?  It took him a while to respond to that one, and I concede that I did for a moment go “Oh Kaili, you idiot as if he cares what you think about Llamas!”  But he did respond, thankfully he did not mention the Llamas…


You totally have to admit though that baby Llamas are pretty damn cute.  Now although I am an animal lover, people who know me know that I am not one to post pictures of fluffy bunnies, newly hatched chickens etc. on any of my social media feeds.  But Llamas … come on, are they not the cutest little beasts?  I mean, one of the coolest actresses on the planet Kristen Bell … aka Veronica Mars y’all!

Llama sloth


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veronica_Mars_(film) has a thing for sloths.  They are pretty cute I have to admit.  See here: http://www.ellentv.com/videos/0-46tiqsmh/

Anyway, this afternoon he texted me with a bit of chit chat about what he was up to… you know, playing it cool – finished work, getting takeaway and watching a movie “Anchorman 2” – as a side a issue I am not sure if I am a Will Ferrell fan, but he is… where do you all sit?

Llama anchorman


Personally, I am more of a Steve Carrell fan.  He just seems like a really nice guy, plus he is actually really hot.  And wears glasses … hot people wear glasses right??  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Carell

Llama steve cIMG_0162

Anyway, back to the subject at hand … of course I wanted to send him an equally witty and entertaining reply.  However, let’s just say I was having some “maintenance” done (get your minds back above the waist), and I was SO tempted to text back exactly what I was doing.  Because I am an open book / start as you would continue / no big deal right … anyway … when the (nice) guy I am going on a date with (who may or may not like Llamas)  told me that he was getting takeaway and watching a Will Farrell movie, I was somewhere having … in the words of my fabulous friend Fleur (her blog the hilarious “My Ego and Me can be found here: http://myegoandme.com/) … “a little pampering” … enough said right?

In the meantime, I am writing this post listening to my girls talk about eyebrows!

From Lily “Look at my eyebrow game … how strong is my eyebrow game … !!” as she defines Eden’s newly “threaded” eyebrows with chocolate brown pencil …

Eden is not so sure and thinks they look odd kind of like a “Scouse brow” … maybe it is in homage to our Liverpudlian roots!
http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/lifestyle/beauty/look-away-now-liverpool-ladies-6534813 … and is taking several selfies to prove it … this is not one of them:

llama scouse brow

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