About Kaili Jade

Kaili Jade is a writer … and has been for a very long time.  However, as she is now embarking on that perilous journey from career driven reasonably remunerated employee to self-employed writer and single stay-at-home Mum, this has required a quantum shift in her thinking.  Actually, she has a tendency to over think things.

When she is not over thinking things, she is furiously editing the manuscript of her first novel, a crime thriller set in regional Western Australia, Perth and Indonesia starring a feisty female protagonist loosely based on a taller, thinner, more coordinated version of herself.

Ever the optimist, she is also working on the second installation in the hope that a brave and fabulous publisher will contract her for a series, as her heroine has many more adventures to have!

She is also working on building her real estate empire, and loves a good joint venture deal – although this is even more challenging than her writing.

In order to do all of this, Kaili Jade undertakes all manner of freelance writing as a way to bring in an income to care for her children … who do fear from time to time that they will be reduced to eating tins of beans in the dark without any Wi-Fi.

With her unique combination of legal, human resources, industrial relations and public service experience, Kaili can:

  • Draft OH & S Manuals & HR Procedures for your business or organisation
  • Compile resumes and selection criteria (as an ex public sector manager, she knows EXACTLY what they are looking for);
  • Put together winning responses to Requests for tender for industry (experience in construction and mining);
  • Complete winning grant applications for not for profits. (Having sat on many NGO boards, Kaili Jade can smell a juicy grant at fifty paces!); and even
  • Assist with wedding, commitment, baby naming ceremony vows!

Please get in touch via this blog or twitter @kailijade or email kjb1973@bigpond.com for a personalised service tailored to your special needs. 

4 thoughts on “About Kaili Jade

  1. ajwritz33480pb

    Kaili, thank you for sharing with us all these opps to use yr writing to help you on your way. If you utilize Twitter, please FLW me @AJFlamungo and I’ll FLW back. It’s a useful tool for getting one’s msg out into the world. Often in highly unexpected ways. My use of it causes me to abbreviate. Sorry. 140 characters is not a lot for a fledgling writer who is learning to be more succinct.


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