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Organised Chaos

Ok, so my house looks ferals live here.  It has for a while.  Normally I maintain a reasonable contained level of organised chaos, and have managed to do so as a single working Mum.  I find it bizarre that now I am working from home, it seems that I can’t keep on top of the housework.  I know that I will sort out the time management issue … in time, but right now, I am launching so many projects – my creative writing, my business writing and my property investing preparation.  I am conscious of the need to get some sort of income producing happening and fast, so the housework has taken a back seat … actually the folding appears to have taken the back seat, and the table and the floor… How do other freelancers keep it all in sync?  

In the meantime I have a manuscript to edit by November 1 in order to submit it for an ASA mentorship… https://asauthors.org/emerging-writers-and-illustrators-mentorships