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Who Cares?

Defend or die trying ???


It feels as though writers spend too much time defending what they write.

The tendency is hard to escape, no matter what genre you’re writing in. The questions creep in like shadows, stoked by The New York Times Review of Books or Salon. Isn’t the novel dying? You can’t sell a short story collection, can you? Do memoirists just have lazy imaginations? Who’s going to read your poetry? There are op-ed back-and-forths and whole craft books written about similar subjects. So many characters are spent defending or discrediting art in place of creating it.

As a creative nonfiction writer and essayist, I’ve been prodded a few times to defend the source and style of my natural expression. The most stinging and public was last summer, when a reviewer described a collaboration project I’d worked on as “suburban.” I wasn’t sure what I could do with that feedback. I grew…

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Bring me a higher … learning … day 2

Day 2: OK, so after 13 straight hour in a property investment course, I have learnt more useful information in terms of actually improving my capacity to build wealth and increase my income than I have over 20 years of playing on the safe side of the street and maintaining a whole bunch of limiting self beliefs … My brain (and heart) are so full of knowledge, possibilities … and questions that I am wired with exhaustion.  Have to be back at the course tomorrow at 7.00am … on a Sunday … which means I don’t get to do my Sunday run with my FREO FRAGGers 😦 

In the meantime, I better get some sleep after doing the homework set for tonight … 


A quick post before I try to sleep. Huge day, first of a three day property investment seminar that I am going to … Part of my bigger journey of growth. Then took my girls to see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters … A great Friday night flick. A bit of Facebook catch up to find I won a little competition by writing a quick tale about the pitfalls of public transport. Hoping to drift off to sleep reading Toni Jordan’s “Fall Girl”. I had the pleasure of meeting Toni at last week’s Big Sky Writers Festival in Geraldton … And am chuffed to have read what she wrote in my signed copy of her book … Inspiration 101!


To study …

I have made the decision to enroll in a course of study as I am really serious about developing myself as a writer, and know just from my forays into the area that there is so much I don’t know about how to “be” a writer.  Not only that, but wow, there is so much I don’t know about how to find out how to be a writer … what a minefield of information to absorb!  I am so rusty am I when it comes to navigating the various information sources about tertiary education – like what if any income support is available … does Austudy even exist anymore, or can I get a scholarship?  I have spoken to so many different people at the University of Western Australia, and still am not clear about so many things.  I am a total control freak when it comes to knowledge, in that I hate not having it.  Maybe another incarnation of Ms Ego is Ms Smarty-Pants (note her very soy latte sipping oh-so-middle-class double-barreled name)?

So I am throwing it out to my many followers (all three of you) … how do I do this, where do I start and who do I talk to?  Apart from UWA, which I would very much like to attend, are there other options for me in Perth?  

In the meantime, apparently it is only half an hour until I have to torture myself at PT.  I wonder what awfulness my trainer has in store for me today.  Of course, Ms Smarty-Pants is telling me that I should blow that off and add a piece of organic lemon cheesecake to accompany said soy latte,

SIgh …

The first post …

The thing about “being” a writer … which I am of course, is that despite having an almost primal need to take myself on this bizarre journey out of the safety and security of 9 – 5 humdrum (with the goal to actually earning a living from my craft) … is that my rather annoying and very insecure ego wants to send me right back there. To do this, she employs all manner of crazy tactics – avoidance, procrastination and simply orchestrating moments of sheer terror that grips my chest like a vice. She tells me that I can’t do this and I need to go back to “real work”.  My ego is terrific at self sabotage – she does this in other areas too … like skipping … when my personal trainer yells at her, she just gets madder and trips up my feet even more!

My ego is a flighty bitch who can’t settle on anything, not even a simple background for a blog. Now, how do I tell Ms Ego that she needs to “shoosh her beans”, otherwise that’s what we will all be eating – beans? As the purpose of my writing is to pursue my passion whilst at the same time support my family, there is work to be done.

I know that to quiet Ms Ego, I need to invite Ms Certainty and Ms Determined to the front of the room, and give them the floor. So … without further ado, would you please make them welcome …