Doors …


As a reformed cynic, I am now fully a proponent of “if you build it, they will come” theory, and all of the other metaphors for simply unblocking your mind/heart/psyche to growth and opportunity, and in doing so allowing new and more amazing opportunities and experiences to manifest literally (or literary) before your eyes … like something out of “The Day of the Triffids … except the plants are friendly and there is no spine chilling terror (maybe a little ego driven fear from time to time!).


In the past few days, I have finally FINALLY shifted one belief that I have been dragging around with me like a big old rusty anchor. 



This is my belief about wealth, and my entitlement to it.  I won’t blather on about it too much except to say those who know me probably are eye rolling about now and saying “about time” … I had this rather self debasing sense of dis-entitlement.  Somewhat pathetic really, thinking that I could go out and do all of these trail blazing things (which I am going to) – from a place of poverty!  I have a way to go yet, and need to anchor in a new way of doing, believing and thinking.  I am very lucky to have created some extraordinary motivated partners in my quest, who I know will keep me accountable.

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