To study …

I have made the decision to enroll in a course of study as I am really serious about developing myself as a writer, and know just from my forays into the area that there is so much I don’t know about how to “be” a writer.  Not only that, but wow, there is so much I don’t know about how to find out how to be a writer … what a minefield of information to absorb!  I am so rusty am I when it comes to navigating the various information sources about tertiary education – like what if any income support is available … does Austudy even exist anymore, or can I get a scholarship?  I have spoken to so many different people at the University of Western Australia, and still am not clear about so many things.  I am a total control freak when it comes to knowledge, in that I hate not having it.  Maybe another incarnation of Ms Ego is Ms Smarty-Pants (note her very soy latte sipping oh-so-middle-class double-barreled name)?

So I am throwing it out to my many followers (all three of you) … how do I do this, where do I start and who do I talk to?  Apart from UWA, which I would very much like to attend, are there other options for me in Perth?  

In the meantime, apparently it is only half an hour until I have to torture myself at PT.  I wonder what awfulness my trainer has in store for me today.  Of course, Ms Smarty-Pants is telling me that I should blow that off and add a piece of organic lemon cheesecake to accompany said soy latte,

SIgh …

7 thoughts on “To study …

  1. Glen Hunting

    Hi there Kaili,

    First of all, I left you another little message on Natasha Lester’s blog, in case you haven’t been back there since yesterday.

    Secondly, and this is, of course, JUST MY OPINION, but you know what I’d do if I really wanted to write well, but didn’t know what to do to get better at it? Well, IN THE FIRST INSTANCE, but in no particular order, I’d:

    1) Just keep writing regularly, and not necessarily limit yourself to ‘stories’ or ‘made-up stuff’;

    2) Join one of the main writers’ societies in Perth (there are at least five);

    3) Talk to someone at said society who seems nice and reasonably knowledgeable, and explain your aspirations to them;

    4) Join one of the society’s subgroups, like regular meeting groups or free writing groups;

    5) Sign up for some writing workshops or even some short courses, which are often facilitated by or run through these societies;

    6) Go to book launches, and introduce yourself (or better still, have someone introduce you) to local scribblers both published and unpublished, and talk to them about what they do and what you do (and want to do);

    7) Keep reading as much as you can to develop your sense of story and your inner ear for the rhythms of prose.

    If you really feel like an enjenue at this stuff, I would do the above and develop yourself that way BEFORE embarking on university study. Tertiary creative writing courses are great for some people, but not for everyone. But in either event, think of the above as prerequisite training for uni, as well as a way of better knowing your writerly self beforehand.

    I hope I haven’t just blurted out the bleeding obvious to you with these points, and you may have done some of them (or even all of them) already. But if you haven’t written much to date, I would definitely keep writing and developing informally for a little while first.


    1. Glen Hunting

      Oh my Lord, I can’t believe that’s how I spelt ‘ingenue’…I deserve to be shot…

      And ‘free-writing’ is sitting down with an impromptu stimulus or ‘poser’ and writing about it for ten to fifteen minutes. Various places like FAWWA in Swanbourne have regular get-togethers for this…

      1. Kailijade Post author

        Thank you Glen Hunting, so much for taking the time to comment, and whilst I have done some of the things on your list, many I have not … so I found it very helpful!

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