The first post …

The thing about “being” a writer … which I am of course, is that despite having an almost primal need to take myself on this bizarre journey out of the safety and security of 9 – 5 humdrum (with the goal to actually earning a living from my craft) … is that my rather annoying and very insecure ego wants to send me right back there. To do this, she employs all manner of crazy tactics – avoidance, procrastination and simply orchestrating moments of sheer terror that grips my chest like a vice. She tells me that I can’t do this and I need to go back to “real work”.  My ego is terrific at self sabotage – she does this in other areas too … like skipping … when my personal trainer yells at her, she just gets madder and trips up my feet even more!

My ego is a flighty bitch who can’t settle on anything, not even a simple background for a blog. Now, how do I tell Ms Ego that she needs to “shoosh her beans”, otherwise that’s what we will all be eating – beans? As the purpose of my writing is to pursue my passion whilst at the same time support my family, there is work to be done.

I know that to quiet Ms Ego, I need to invite Ms Certainty and Ms Determined to the front of the room, and give them the floor. So … without further ado, would you please make them welcome …


3 thoughts on “The first post …

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